Willy's Art Pages

Chimp with Orion, 24" x 28", oil on canvas

Eye of the Needle, 4 views, 23" x 16" each, sumi ink & chalk



Double Portrait of My Mother, 54" x 90", oil on panels

In my earliest memories I was always drawing. There was no separation between “me” and art-making. The world was new again every day, full of magic and beauty. I knew from a very early age that art would be my way of exploring my surroundings.

I grew up in Haarlem in the Netherlands, until my family emigrated to Australia when I was twelve. My formal training began at Perth Technical College of Western Australia, where I earned my Diploma in Painting and Design. After returning to Europe, I entered the design program at the Kunstnijverheidsschool in Amsterdam. The last stage in my formal education followed my move to the US. For several years I took courses at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and studied with Elaine de Kooning. Since then, I have exhibited in numerous venues throughout the US, France, Switzerland, and Australia. My work is in the collections of the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, the Ateliers Fourwinds in France, and many private collections.

My art practice seems to be rounding a circle. Just as there was no gap between art-making and myself as a child, I now find it increasingly possible to work that way again. The necessary years of striving are giving way to a freer flow of work. More and more I value the connection between intuition, play, and humor.